What's this site all about?

I have the privilege of living in Montreal. It’s a multicultural metropolis of a city in the heart of Quebec, Canada! Sounds great, right?

The problem is: I speak English.

Language has always been a topic of debate in Quebec but I’ve had enough of just standing by and being trampled on for the language I speak.

I don’t begrudge the Quebecois from trying to preserve their heritage, their language, etc. The problem is that instead of making things equal the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. In the middle of the Pandemic the CAQ is out there swinging their dick (its twice as big in french) and laying down bill 96.

With no political support from any of the parties, we are slowly loosing any rights we have to speak English in the effort to ensure the Quebecois don’t loose their heritage. Well what about mine? I was born here too!

I think my only recourse is to let my wallet do the talking.

 I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of local businesses removing their English / Bilingual signs and replacing them with only French. I decided that I want to remind every business I walk into that I am a customer and I speak English. If I saw bilingual signs I let them know I appreciate the fact that they kept the English and I hope that it will continue. If no English was in sight, I let them know I was disappointed that they did not consider me to be a valuable customer and walked out. In some cases I also reminded these places that health measures (Covid related health reminders) should really be bilingual too.

I’ve documented my findings and will continue to update the list if a business modifies their signs.

I do not want to support any businesses that doesn't recognize me as an equal.