3079 Sources Blvd, Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Quebec H9B 1Z6

Actions taken: I made my purchase and spoke to the manager on my way out. He was arranging a display so was right beside the door.

Staff: Staff were friendly and bilingual.

Covid Safety Signs: Only French

Signs and promotions: Most signs and advertisements were only in french. There were a few bilingual bilingual signs, most notably the ” Thank you for shopping with us” sign on the door, as the manager pointed out.

Other:  I spoke to the manager about the lack of bilingual signs and he seemed sympathetic, he said he has many Anglo employees and was nervous about what Bill 96 would mean for them.

As for the lack of bilingual signs, he first pointed to the “Thank you for shopping with us” sign on the exit. I gestured to several other promotion signs and he countered by saying that headquarters does provide an English sign if he asks for one but he can’t use it as it is the same size as the french one. I kindly ask him to spread this issue up the totem pole if he can, a proudly Canadian company like this should not alienate its customers.

Conclusion: The manager has good intentions and while I don’t feel unwelcome in this store, I will avoid shopping there if I can.

I do wish bureaucracy would stop standing in the way of equality.