6321 Trans-Canada Hwy, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 5A5

Actions taken: During my meal I noticed my waitress seemed to be in charge so brought up how happy I was to see the signs and menu were still bilingual. Turns out her brother is the owner and would pass on my praise.

Staff: Very friendly and spoke English with me, gave us an English menu.

Covid Safety Signs: Bilingual

Signs and promotions: Not many promotional signs as this is a restaurant however everything I saw was in English and French

Other: I chatted with my waitress/manager about the disappearance of English around the neighborhood and she commiserated with me. She said she loves her English customers but is worried it might have to change as they don’t want to risk fines.

Conclusion: Great atmosphere and the food was fantastic. It feels like a piece of downtown in the west island. I felt very safe and appreciated in this establishment and definitely recommend it.