2201 Voie de Service N, Dorval, QC H9P 1J4

Actions taken: I first tried to select English at the pump, when it did not work I went into the store and asked, while paying, why the English signs were removed and if there was a manager I could talk to. I later placed a call in to customer support.

Staff: Barely spoke a word to me, when I asked why they removed their English Signs he just shrugged and finished my transaction.

Covid Safety Signs: Only French

Signs and promotions: All price signs, shelf displays, and window advertising / promotions were unilingually French

Other:¬† Pumps were completely French everywhere. The pump did have a button for English that only listed the phrase” English Prepay 1″, “English Prepay 2” etc. The buttons did nothing but switch it back to french, which worked as intended.

Conclusion: Customer support was unable to help me on my call but it was escalated to another department. A few days later I received a call from the escalation team and was advised that the issue with the pumps would be investigated as it should be working. As for the signs, the agent advised that the locations are independantly owned and the owners are reponsible for all signs. I was advised to talk to the manager for more clarification on this issue. As I was thanking the agent for his time, the agent also told me they had given me 2500 petro points for the inconvenience. I accepted it but will still try to follow up with the manager of the store in person.