Worst drink ever

The worst drink ever.

Me and hubby just shared the most vile thing I have ever had in my mouth. We found it in the local depaneur (corner store) in the energy drink fridge so I assumed this was a new energy drink.

smilingcat1I’m a BIG fan of energy drinks. I can remember my first taste of one, it was a Guru brand i think. It was not very nice, had kind of a medicine taste to it but it was drinkable. This was a few years back now and the concepts of energy drinks was still new to people.

As these drinks evolved so has the tastes. They’ve made some amazing breakthroughs in terms of flavour. There are always new flavors and concepts coming out that I get excited when I see them now, eager to see how caffeine can be better administered to my body.

Energy drinks have been my morning cuppa for a while now and I’ve found some amazing drinks and some less than awesome ones but NEVER did I imagine I would taste something as vile as what was in that can.

I’m hesitant to even  mention the name here as I don’t want to give them advertizement but I feel like that drink should come with a fucking warning.

ikkuma boost

When I first saw it I was excited. I mean look at it., its got blue flames! It’s called boost and it has the words energy and vitality, the flavor? Raspberry citrus. Sounds fucking delicious.

Me and hubby are going to share so we empty it out into a glass. The first thing I notice? Its kind of a reddish brownish color. That’s fine, my favorite drink is Monster Rojo Tea and its an iced tea inspired drink. It’s also REALLY cloudy.  I held it up to the light and nothing passed through this sludge.

That’s when the smell hit me. It was kind of a rotten fruit smell. It was very sweet with just a hint of what can only be described as wrongness. It’s very hard to describe but it was so off putting that I refused to drink it. Phil and I made eye contact and I knew that he had smelled it too. Neither of us is gonna touch it so we leave it be for a bit but eventually we are going to have to deal with this.

Ever the valiant male, Phil deduces that it couldn’t be that bad. Surely it must have passed a taste test at some point. He takes a sip and I wait for the spit take but … nothing happened.

“It tastes like nothing.” he said with a surprised look on his face. I called bullshit and said he was trying to trick me into drinking it. So he took another big gulp and swished it around in his mouth. ” See? Its not bad at all.”

I decide to throw caution to the wind and take a sip. You already know its going to be bad. It was actually worse than I thought it could be.

I don’t make a habit of drinking liquid shit but if I did, I’m sure it would taste like that drink, mixed with a sweet, sour, fruity syrup and a massive heap of cinnamon. It is litterally the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth. The after taste persisted for a long time and even now I remember it. It was like someone mixed a chai latte with an old glass of wine.

I gave hubby a look of death and cussed him out real good.

i will end youHe was genuinely surprised, so he took another sip and promptly ran to the bathroom to spit it out. I seems that it had settled a bit and all the nastiness went down to the bottom.I take a look at the ingredients and realize this isn’t an energy drink in the usual sense of it, its an ” all organic, fruit drink”.

Described by the company:

 “Its B-vitamin complex helps support cellular energy, while the adaptogenic properties of Panax ginseng bolster stamina, concentration and overall well-being. Boost’s yerba mate blend provides near immediate and lasting energy. Beetroot galvanizes this organic blend helping to naturally improve endurance”

Mmmm sounds as shitty as it tastes apparently. Which is nothing like the raspberry citrus I was promised on the front of the can.

Do yourself a favor. If you ever come across this drink don’t buy it. Don’t even give it to your worst enemy.


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