Why am I here?

Why am I here?

That’s a great question! Good on you for being deeply in tune to the universe’s call to arms and attempting to derive some deeper meaning to your life.

I have good news, and bad news.

The good news is that I can answer your question. The bad news? It’s not the answer you are looking for.

You are here because, technically, I tricked you. You are here because something has brought you to my blog. Maybe it was the kittens? Maybe it was a video or a post I wrote. I knew no one would bother to come here for the same old boring “About Me” page. There are really only a few key points that you should know to understand where I’m coming from when I write a rant or a praise because perspective can be the difference day and night depending on what side of the globe you are on.

My name is Stephanie and no I wont bother with a last name because there are still creepos lurking around the cesspits and Facebook annals of the internet. I am happily married¬† to a wonderful man named Phil. I am 28 as of the start of this blog (2014) and I have no kids, nor do I really want them. I’ve got 3 cats, and I’m sure no one saw that coming. I live in Montreal, Quebec but I am from an English family.

You may not realize it now but these things are pretty important considering some of the rants you have/will read. Try and put yourself in my shoes for a bit and see how it feels. That’s a size 10 ladies, surprising considering I’m only 5’2.

This has turned into more of a disclaimer than an info page but I guess it should be said somewhere on this site that all opinions expressed here are my own. I swear like a sailor and am just as crude at times, I make no apologies for it. Nor will apologize if I’ve offended you. Just because I tricked you to come to this page doesn’t mean I tricked you into reading or thinking but I do hope I’ve made a memorable imprint on your future for the better.


TL;DR This site is about things that make me think or feel. Good? Bad? Ugly? Hey now that’s getting personal….