Why I love The Oatmeal

Why I love The Oatmeal.


Yes I’m talking about a website. No I’m sure I don’t really love that goupy bland oat mess that people eat for breakfast, although I’m sure my Mom wont stop telling me how good it is for me.

I wanted to just share a few of my favourite pictures from author Matthew Inman but when it came down to it there was just too much of it. I’m a lazy person so I am not gonna list off every article/comic from this site but I will post some of my favourites anyways. Fuck it, you made the effort of clicking so I guess I can spend some time writing for your entertainment.

The first thing I ever read from this site was the love ballad of the Motherfucking Pterdactyl. This actually had me laughing so hard that the cats started to slowly back out of the room. “Ah shit, the lady food giver’s lost it. Well at least we can eat her eyes when the food bowl runs dry””

They even have a song! I don’t know about you, but I will be singing this to myself in the shower for a while.

*Side note to all my fellow Canadians who can’t see that video. I use an add-on for Firefox called ProxMate . You’re welcome!*


I could list all the cat comics but I dont need to! All the hard work has been done for me 😛 Cat Comics


The Oatmeal is also an educational tool. I learned all about the Mantis Shrimp and how bad ass this little crustacean is.




I’ll let you discover the rest on your own and if this guy doesn’t make you at least crack a smile? Then you are on the wrong site buddy, go play in traffic for a while.



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