Jokes for my kittens out there. Not all I write or share is doom and gloom. Not sure if everyone will get these jokes as the first 2 requires a bit of french but I[…]

Fat Cat Art

Fat Cat Art. Described by the author as ” a┬ásite about Arrt for art-loving cats”. We all love fat cats but not everyone appreciates art. Well, this is what happens when ones love for art[…]

Worst drink ever

The worst drink ever. Me and hubby just shared the most vile thing I have ever had in my mouth. We found it in the local depaneur (corner store) in the energy drink fridge so[…]

Why I love The Oatmeal

Why I love The Oatmeal. Yes I’m talking about a website. No I’m sure I don’t really love that goupy bland oat mess that people eat for breakfast, although I’m sure my Mom wont stop[…]

Anecdotes of a telemarketer

Anecdotes of a telemarketer. I am the person no one wants to hear from, the scum of the earth (to put it lightly), a dreaded Telemarketer. Without naming names, my job is to call business[…]