I refuse to give any more money to businesses that won’t treat me as an equal due to the language I speak.

So far, I am just going about my life as normal and making notes any time I take out my wallet.

I don’t.

No sponsors, no ads, no profit. This is about spending my money, not making more. It’s a labor of love on my personal website.

Congrats! You are a much appreciated friend of the Anglo / Allo community. I will recommenced your business to all my contacts.


I will no longer use or endorse your products/services until I can confirm you have rectified your lack of bilingual signs/service.

Sadly, sometime I just don’t have a choice but to continue with my purchase. I will still let my opinion be known.


  • Gas stations – the gas is already pumped, no other stations nearby.

  • Grocery stores – I need to eat and leaving my cart full would just be mean to the clerks.

  • Utilities – Not a lot of choice in providers.


French can be used along with English or another language, as long as the French is clearly more predominant.

There are some exceptions such as busses and large billboards but signs and advertising for cultural products or activities and advertising in non-French media can be only in English or another language.


This website is not intended to fight Bill 96 however here are some useful links to educate yourself.

You can download the full document HERE

For a summary of Bill 96, click HERE

Give these businesses a piece of your mind. Be civil to the offenders  and thankful to our allies. Let your money do the talking and remind the owners who their customers are.

Stop switching to french to make people feel better. If they speak french to you, just speak English right back.

Ask for the English menu at a restaurant, for English agents on the phone, and English correspondence by mail/email.

Anything you can do to make us more visible helps!

* Be sure not to take out any anger on the staff, they often have no say in the language used *