Cats are assholes

I know its a broad statement, but I have proof to my accusations. I am sure this applies to all those of the feline persuasion but I can say, beyond a shadow of doubt, that[…]

Another way to die

The time bomb is ticking, and no one is listening. Our future is fading, is there any hope we’ll survive? Still, we ravage the world that we love. And the millions cry out to be[…]


Jokes for my kittens out there. Not all I write or share is doom and gloom. Not sure if everyone will get these jokes as the first 2 requires a bit of french but I[…]

Fat Cat Art

Fat Cat Art. Described by the author as ” a site about Arrt for art-loving cats”. We all love fat cats but not everyone appreciates art. Well, this is what happens when ones love for art[…]

Worst drink ever

The worst drink ever. Me and hubby just shared the most vile thing I have ever had in my mouth. We found it in the local depaneur (corner store) in the energy drink fridge so[…]